Tsinghua IIIF


Founded in April 2016, Tsinghua University’s Institute of Industrial Innovation and Finance (THUIIIF) exists as a university-level academic institution jointly sponsored by the Tsinghua Institute of Management, Materials College, Software Institute, Department of Energy and Power, and Department of Electrical Engineering, and supported by Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management.

Through a high-level, deep-seated, open, and effective development orientation, the Institute’s diverse team of researchers from the government, enterprises, and universities effectively succeed in building the broadest platform for cooperation and exchange with financial institutions, economic entities, research institutes, innovation parks, and other sectors of society. Additionally, the institute conducts major theoretical research on policy, and practical issues in the field of industry, innovation, and finance that promotes cross-cutting practical personnel training in the field of production and integration.

To carry out high-level academic endeavors with unique value influence, and brand communication, Tsinghua University’s Institute of Industrial Innovation and Finance continues to build into a national strategic and professional think tank, serving China’s industrial uprising and economics development, and enhancing Tsinghua University’s contribution to the development of the country.

2)Dean’s Message

Tsinghua University’s Institute of Industrial Innovation and Finance is in line with the general direction of national strategic development and the need to build a new type of think tank with its countries characteristics. With focus on the solving of practical problems in the development and upgrading of industry, mining financial innovation, exerting the role of market forces in the promotion of industrial upgrading, exploring of roads of industrial upgrading, and the combining of financial services and business model innovation through systematic research, the institute builds a platform encouraging the exchange of ideas among all industry practitioners, policy analysts, and scholars, refining the experience and always creating new ideas to serve the industrial strategy and transformation within this country.

3)Central Tasks

Scientific Research:

Research on major theories, policies, and practices within the fields of industry, innovation, and finance. Production of research results with academic value and realistic guidance, all while contributing to the optimization of modern industrial systems, implementation of innovation-driven development, and the improving of financial institutions and market systems.

Talent Development:

Tsinghua University’s strong teaching foundation, integration of social resources, and exploration in the field of production and integration ensures accelerated and effective curriculum construction and personnel training.

Academic Exchanges:

Involvement in high-level academic exchange with unique value influence and brand communication power, so as to realize information sharing, resource aggregation, and ideological exchange as a win-win cooperation.

Policy Advice:

Provision of strategic and policy advice to businesses, social capital, and financial institutions. Active participation in the research of relevant domestic policies and regulations, and contribution to the development of the country.

4)Organizational structure and personnel

The institute has a council, an academic committee, and an advisory board.


Yang Bin- Vice President, Tsinghua University, Chairman, Education Foundation

Vice Chairman:

Bai Huien- Dean, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University


Jin Qinxian- Deputy Secretary-General, Tsinghua University,

Director of the Institute of Technology Transfer

Yan Jinlaing- Director, Institute of Industrial Innovation and Finance,

Tsinghua University

Yuan Wei- Secretary General, Education Foundation, Tsinghua University


Li Jinliang- Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

5)Overview of work and results


The Institute has successively undertaken government research projects in Tongling, Anhui, Foshan, Guangdong, and other national and local research projects, obtaining high-quality research results;


“Capital Market Review,” Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Research Report,” and other series of publications published.

Thank tank:

Advice and suggestions have been frequently approved by national leaders.

Academic and industrial activities:

Held more than 50 high-quality academic and industrial exchange activities. High-level innovation platform and innovation community established for the government, industry, university, research, and finance.


Establishment and Promotion of Tsinghua University-Zhejiang Deqing Material Design and Industrial Innovation Joint Research Center.

Contact us:

Institute Website:https://www.iiif.tsinghua.edu.cn/

Address:Beijing, Haidian District, Tsinghua Tongfang Science and Technology, Plaza A, 15th floor